Titanitos AW 20-21

by Emi
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Titanitos launches its collection of shoes for children with the maximum guarantee and quality of a footwear made in Spain with the care and experience of master craftsmen, who inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. Neo, establish shoe lines with which the little ones can enjoy the small moments quietly at any time of the year.

TITANITOS shoes are endorsed by strict European quality and safety controls in the European market, complying with the legislation in force and ensuring a quality shoe, resistant, durable and comfortable, adapted for each of the stages of child growth.

The MADE IN SPAIN label is without quality, sustainability, respect for the environment and respect for the human and labor rights of workers, ensuring optimal working conditions. In addition, it means making shoes following the experience and good work of the artisans, making the shoes one by one by hand, which guarantees an exceptional finish.

Titanitos establishes a high standard of quality in the choice of the furs used in its shoes, ensuring leather tanned in Spain of the best quality and guaranteeing a top quality footwear made in Spain.

TITANITOS is still a family business, and maybe that's where the secret of its success lies. All workers are involved in a very special way, they know that every detail is important and that in the end is reflected in the quality of the TITANITOS shoes.

Enthusiasm, motivation and effort drive us every day to continue improving our products. Thanks to innovation and our team we have achieved that our brand is present in more than 2,000 points all over the world.