Lollipop AW 20-21

The sparkling Lollipops Paris brand has imposed its colorful, feminine and glamorous vision of the fashion accessory The fashion victims are not mistaken: in terms of accessories, the reference fantasy, it is obviously Lollipops! With 4 collections per year and more than 1200 unpublished models, the brand offers a perfect girly set! 

A short line oriented colors, area of ​​choice of the brand and products of irreproachable quality Made in France and Italy.For Lollipops fashion is sensual and anti-contemporary.The final touch that turns any outfit into a very personal silhouette. The range of accessories at your disposal is a bit like a candy box in which you draw a different taste each day that will give you a glamorous, retro, playful, colorful .. Funny according to your desires of the moment! You choose !

Lollipops sees life in pink

It's the favorite color of Lollipops since always. It represents the femininity of the brand and is treated in a pink powdery tone that exudes a very Parisian refinement. It is found on many accessories but it also serves as a showcase for our products in Lollipops shops.